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Where To Buy Laminate Paint LINK

You don't absolutely have to, but they'll look much better if you do. Laminate is a synthetic product with a glossy surface, which makes it difficult for the paint and primer to adhere to it. Sanding eliminates the gloss, which allows the paint and primer to stick better.

where to buy laminate paint

The paint needs the primer to help it bind to the cabinets. Use a bonding primer, a stronger product than a regular primer, to ensure it sticks to the laminate. If you don't prime laminate candidates, the paint may quickly flake or peel.

Veneer is made of pressed thin layers of wood on a plywood base. Laminate is made of layers of paper and resins made of plastic fused under high pressure. If you sand a veneer, you'll find wood underneath. If you sand a laminate, you'll find plastic.

Tip: Latex paint is recommended for laminate surface painting projects because of its durability and smooth finish. Try ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel for lighter colors, and All Surface Latex Enamel Base for deeper hues.

WARNING! Removal of old paint by sanding, scraping or other means may generate dust or fumes that contain lead. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women. Controlling exposure to lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment, such as a properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) and proper containment and cleanup. For more information, call the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (in US) or contact your local health authority.

So after an hour, I painted a coat of some latex paint that I had on hand and a coat of my favorite chalk paint, Country Chic Paint, on all of the sections except for the Country Chic Paint primer that needed to dry overnight.

Hello! I am wanting to paint this black table a cream color but, I am unsure if I have to sand the base as well? Also, if I do a light sand and primer/paint, what do I seal the top with it as it will be a highly used eating table? Any help you can give would be soooooo appreciated! Thank you!!! ?

I was thinking I would have to paint the wood portion. Good to know I have the option of painting the whole piece. And you explore it nicely. I too would like to know how to repair chipped laminate.Thanks for your great information and also helpful.

I have an office desk with a black laminate finish. The laminate is very thin and wearing through in spots. Can I sand (120 grit) and prime using spray Kilz. Then repaint it black and finish it off with water-based like Minwax Polycrylic?

Hi! Love your article! I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets which are engineered wood. They look like custom cabinets but are kits made to fit. The finish is a cream color with a brown glaze in the creases. How would I go about prepping these (primer, sand) and what type of paint should I use?Thanks for your advice!!Janice

I would rough them up with 220 grit sand paper, and prime with an oil-based primer (like Kilz) before painting! As for the paint, I would walk into a Sherwin Williams store and ask them what kind of paint they would recommend for kitchen cabinets. They have super durable paint specifically for certain applications like this. Good luck!

I would use an oil-based primer. My favorite is the aerosol Kilz spray primer. Just make sure you shake it really good or it will have a gritty texture that will need to be sanded afterwards. Then you should be able to use ANY paint over top of that (even water-based)!

I have a mid-century 2-tier veneered side table. No damages and I would like to staying the top and painting the rest. Can I paint it without sanding or a light sanding will be all that I need to do?Thank you

I have a solid wood dining room table that I thought had a wood top. The table is probably 15-20 years old. But after 4 kids the top is beginning the show wear. It is peeling some of the finish off. (You can literally scratch it off with your finger nail.) But it also has some bubbling in spots where I was told that is from kids leaving glasses on the table that sweat and caused the bubbling. The table has a design effect in the top. Around the edges of the table it seems to be a different material because it has no damage. Do you think this can be repaired? I paid a fortune for the table and would like to save it.

i just got a used desk for 15 dollars at a tag sale but it has a wood laminate finish. after i sand it down like you instructed why kind of spray paint should i be using? one that covers wood or one that covers plastic?

So I have old hotel furniture that has that plastic fake Shiny looking laminate. I actually want to turn this into mirrored furniture. Should I peel off the laminate and glue mirror or just sand down the laminate and glue the mirror?

So I just bought a vanity that says it is made of MDF and hardwood veneers- -Decorators-Collection-Brexley-37-in-Vanity-in-Warm-Chestnut-with-Marble-Vanity-Top-in-Beige-BXCNVT3622D/204074344?MERCH=REC-_-NavPLPHorizontal1_rr-_-NA-_-204074344-_-N this exact vanity. I want to paint it blue but being it was over $500 I want to be sure I dont mess it up. Would you recommend sanding this piece first or just priming and then painting? I have been getting mixed reviews from home depot/ lowes paint representatives on how to accomplish this!Thanks!

Hi all, I have just put up plain white cupboards in my room and sons room. I think from reading this post these are laminated. They were put up 5 days ago and not yet used or cleaned properly. the boards are white and glossy. All plain. The wood seems to be board instead of real wood (went for a cheaper option). What do I need to buy to repaint these into lively colours and not damage my new dull furniture. Please help. The handles also have not yet been fitted until i decide what to do.

Hi Christina! Spray paint will be fine, but make sure you spray on some primer first. And for the most durability, be sure to seal with polyurethane or water-based poly like PolyCrylic by Minwax. Hope this helps!

Just bought a nice oak dining room table that has bubbles in the veneer where the sun hit directly on the table. There are no obvious loose places. Your advice in refinishing to match the perfect leaf that was stored elsewhere.

Unfortunately, because it is laminate, you cannot stain it. The only option is painting. Laminate is basically PLASTIC that is printed to look like wood, so if you put stain on it, there would be no woodgrain for it to soak into. Does that make sense? There are lots of ideas for painting floors if you want to do a google search!

Also, could I use something like Miniwax Polyshades over the sanding that I have already done? Or am I going to have to paint it now? My other bedroom furniture is very dark wood and I just want it to look nice together. thanks.

Nice post. And yet, my OCD is compelling me to share a minor error with your definition of laminate surfacing which, in fact, always contains plastic and is actually not always printed to look like wood grain. Formica for example comes in God-knows how many different patterns like marble, checker print, you name it.

Hi, I have painted an old coffee table, which looks great but i forgot to sand it down before i started, so after quite a few coats the paint is chipping off. Is there a way i can rescue this table without having to scrape all the paint work off. Many Thanks.

Is oil based paint the only type of paint that can be applied to laminate? I have a large old laminate wardrobe that I would love to do something with as it is very useful, but, I hate the idea of using oil base paint. Can you suggest any other type of paint? I live a lone so the wardrobe will not be getting a lot of heavy duty wear and tear.Thank you so much,Lis

Does the painting laminate hold true for cabinets that have been laminated? We just bought a house that has dreadfully styled cabinets but they are in MINT condition. Could be a real budget saver if we can effectively just repaint them. is a spray gun preferable to a paint brush? Let a pro painter do it? Here is a link to a pic of the cabinets _f/ISx3p9qvucmyol1000000000.jpg

I know this is a tall order, but if one day you could do a tutorial about how to repair laminate furniture (chips, dents etc) that would be fabulous. I know with veneer you can use wood putty, but laminate is a bit trickier:)Maude

Primer is basically a base coat of paint that prepares your surface for receiving the final finishing paint. It helps provide a smooth surface to paint your final color on and helps with paint adhesion.

Brushes can come in natural bristles or synthetic bristles. Choose whichever you like. Natural bristles can leave more obvious brush strokes whereas synthetic bristles generally provide a smoother application.

You CAN use a water based top coat over an oil based paint, you just need to make sure the paint has dried completely before sealing. My top recommendation for a water based sealant is Minwax Polycrylic (check links below to purchase).

Wax is not a permanent finish, meaning that it will need to be reapplied every so often. The other tedious thing about sealing with wax is that if you ever want to repaint your furniture, the wax MUST be removed otherwise your new paint will not adhere to the surface.

Great post! How long did you wait between painting with a latex paint and sealing with poly for the piece? The cure time for the paint I have is 4 weeks, should I want to seal until the 4 weeks? Thanks!

Hello Vivien, Thankyou so much for sharing your tips/experience with melamine! I was wondering what I would use to paint something that will be outside (undercover) permanently? Would I just follow the steps up to the primer and then apply an exterior paint instead or could I get away with just a topcoat designed for outdoor furniture? Thanks again, Chloe

hello help!! I used the shellac primer on the laminated ikea kellax and then used a water based paint and primer on top. I moved the piece into position and popped some items on top. the paint has chipped down to the laminate. should I try another layer of the zinsser on top? followed by the top coat again? 041b061a72


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