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Aim 2012 Config (cheat Cfg) Download

This is a Buildout recipe that candownload, install and configure one or several OpenERP servers, web clients,gtk clients and addons modules, from official or custom sources, or any bzr,hg, git or svn repositories. It currently supports versions 6.0, 6.1 and 7.0,with gunicorn deployment and an additional cron worker. It works under Linuxand MacOs. It might work under Windows but it is untested.

Aim 2012 Config (cheat Cfg) Download

Actually it extracts only the downloaded elements into a targetdirectory and issues a buildout configuration with local referencesonly. If that target directory has been itself initialized first withthe fixed elements (buildout configuration files, bootstrap scripts,local addons), then it has all the needed elements, except eggs tobe downloaded from PyPI or the specified index site.


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