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Smithfield Bacon Where To Buy !!TOP!!

Available at some grocery stores and online, the Vande Rose Farms bacon is essential to mention for its top ratings across many publications and taste tests. This Iowa-based group sources heritage Duroc breed pork (known for its flavorful meat and natural marbling) from several farms. They use vegetarian feed and hand-inspect each animal to ensure ideal weight and size. After processing, the bacon is dry-cured for six days and smoked for 12 hours over applewood chips. While the ingredients do contain sodium nitrite and sodium erythorbate (for accelerated curing and color development), the company's process shows this is not a "pumping" method. Is this the best nutrition profile when it comes to calories and fat? No. But based on dozens of #1 rankings, combined with only 260 milligrams of sodium per serving (which, at 33 grams, is two to three times larger than some other brands), this pick is the perfect example that calories aren't everything.

smithfield bacon where to buy

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Applegate is a brand that prides itself on natural and organic meats, with 100 percent vegetarian diets for their animals and humane farming methods. This bacon contains no fillers, no GMO ingredients, and no chemical nitrates or nitrites. Remember, celery powder is still naturally high in nitrates. The low calories for a two-slice serving is a major plus if you like plenty of slices for breakfast, but mind the 310 milligrams of sodium.

This Target brand bacon has reasonable sodium levels, but slightly higher levels of fat than other brands. The ingredients do contain curing accelerators and color development enhancers, nitrites and sodium phosphates to retain moisture. So, nutrition-wise this option isn't bad, but the ingredient list does reveal that this brand uses shortcuts in its production methods.

Smithfield is the largest pork producer in the world (now owned by a Chinese company) so it's no surprise they have a wide variety of bacon products available. This pick doesn't contain added nitrates or nitrites, but does use celery juice which naturally contains the same compound. You'll find turbinado sugar and sea salt on the ingredient list, which may sound fancier but it's still just sugar and salt. At 100 milligrams of sodium and only 80 calories per serving, this is one of the better nutritional picks of the bunch. Smithfield's current practices may not align with your personal philosophies, but they do claim to be working toward certain sustainability goals outlined in a 2018 sustainability statement.

This thick-cut bacon is almost double the weight of other brands and contains substantially more sodium. At 110 calories for two slices, be mindful of how much you're consuming (four slices in a sandwich is 220 calories in bacon alone). The Hormel bacon contains sodium nitrite but also sodium erythorbate, which is a cure accelerator and stimulates color development in cured meat. Not ideal.

You'll find nitrites and sodium ascorbate on the ingredient list of this bacon. Sodium ascorbate is an addition mandated by USDA when bacon goes through the process of "pumping", and the presence of this ingredient is a good signal that subpar production practices were used. Add to that 350 milligrams of sodium per serving, and the final product is pretty unhealthy.

While the nutrition facts on this bacon don't differ too much from some of the better picks, it's the ingredient list that reveals some reason for concern. You'll find sodium phosphates (retain moisture), sodium erythorbate (color and curing accelerator), and sodium nitrite on the list. That, along with water as the first ingredient, indicates you are getting a lower quality "pumped" product. A peek at the customer reviews reveals complaints about a lack of consistency in the thickness of slices (from super thin to super thick). If you have to eat bacon, get something slightly better than this.

For centuries, bacon has coaxed us out of bed with an intoxicating aroma and a symphony of snaps, hisses, and pops. And in the early-to-mid 2000s, this wonderful food sizzled its way from simple breakfast side dish to unequaled culinary craze. Strips of unctuous pork belly wrapped and weaved around an ever-expanding menu of foods, while bits of the stuff were crumbled into desserts, and bacon flavoring was infused into all manner of inedible items.

With a prestigious reputation in the deli section and hot dog selection of every supermarket, Boar's Head bacon should be a no-brainer. At first glance, that's exactly what it is. That iconic logo looks back at you and seems to oink the words, "I'm Boar's Head. I symbolize the very essence of meat. You just know I produce incredible bacon." In truth, that talking swine might be a tad full of itself. Boar's Head Traditional bacon is by no means bad, but it isn't going to change the bacon landscape either.

In bacon, as in life, everyone loves an underdog. The fighter that gets into the ring with zero expectations, then absolutely stuns the crowd with their grit and determination. Now, we're not suggesting that retail mega-chain Target is an underdog, but its in-house brand Market Pantry delivers a bacon that is impossible to root against. As soon as you open the package, you know you're dealing with some serious bacon. Thick, hearty, and stunningly marbled, Market Pantry unpacks a gorgeous sight to behold, while the flavor and texture seriously grabs your attention.

Costco's immensely popular private label brand Kirkland Signature stocks shelves with at least two varieties of bacon, the Original Sliced, and the far grander Thick Sliced Center Cut. Our focus lies squarely on the Thick Sliced Center Cut, as it stands head and pork shoulders above its porcine counterpart. Available in bulk and standard-sized packages, Kirkland Signature Thick Sliced Center Cut Bacon hits the mark in terms of fat-to-meat distribution, resulting in a pleasingly marbled profile.

Based on the packaging, Applegate's biggest bacon selling points are "No Antibiotics Ever" and "Humanely Raised." While these are absolutely great reasons to purchase this particular brand of bacon, one crucial characteristic should not be overlooked: Taste. Allow us to assuage any fears you might have about a lack of flavor destroying all the goodwill built up by Applegate's adherence to positive pork practices. Applegate Naturals Uncured Sunday Bacon is one of the most deeply flavored, richly textured bacon products on the market.

Finally, one of the classic, well-known brands makes us proud with a dominant entry in our bacon ranking. Oscar Mayer, arguably more recognizable and ubiquitous in the bacon game than any other company, doesn't rely on name recognition alone to move product. Instead, they present a bacon that's impressive, surprising, and downright delicious. Oscar Mayer Naturally Hardwood Smoked Bacon hits with just the right amount of salt up front, delivered with a bite that's the perfect textural combination of crispy and chewy.

The Smithfield employees in Clinton, NC and Middlesboro, KY are responsible for producing the bacon, ham and pork chops that Waffle House Customers enjoy. And like these Smithfield employees, Waffle House restaurants focus is on quality. For 32 years, Sharon Lioi, the leader of the Waffle House Quality Assurance Program, has worked with Waffle House partners, like Smithfield, to ensure that you always receive the high quality products you have come to expect. Sharon spends her days traveling to the places where our food is grown and produced. There she reviews quality assurance procedures and makes recommendations based on the latest industry best practices. You may run into Sharon at your local Waffle House restaurant because even after products leave our partners and are delivered to our restaurants, the quality checks continue.

And you do love the results. Last year, Waffle House Customers consumed over 17 million pounds of bacon, three million pounds of ham and two million pounds of pork chops. All this is thanks to your fellow Americans who work tirelessly to deliver great tasting Smithfield pork products and cook them up in your local Waffle House.

Perceived concerns about quality can make people change habits, but the larger issue is that few consumers are aware where their food comes from, said Alina Halloran, vice president of global online brand protection for OpSec Security, an anti-counterfeiting consulting firm.

About 50 percent of apple juice and 16 percent of frozen spinach comes from China, she said. "I don't think if you stopped consumers on the street and asked them where their apple juice comes from, that they would guess China," Halloran said.

Jennifer Kingsley of East Smithfield, Penn., is among those willing to do a lot of extra work to ensure she knows where her food is coming from. A reporter for the Star-Gazette in Elmira, N.Y., Kingsley and her family started raising their own pigs about ten years ago.

Smithfield Foods, a leading producer of pork products, has initiated a challenge for Virginia Tech students involved in the student group Commodity Investing by Students, known as COINS, that would reward the top-performing analysts with a yearlong supply of Smithfield bacon.

Each spring, the student-led investing group awards select members for their outstanding performance and leadership over the year. But this year, in addition to a certificate and group accolades, the analysts who managed the top-performing commodity based on relative returns will receive bacon as an added bonus.

Fabian Schleicher, a COINS corn analyst and senior majoring in agricultural and applied economics from Laa an der Thaya, Austria, walked away from the kickoff with a bacon holiday sweater, a T-shirt, and a box full of Smithfield meat.

Simplify your meal service by utilizing this Smithfield fully-cooked 0.2 oz. round bacon in your breakfast restaurant, quick service establishment, or buffet! Smoked with real hardwood, this round style bacon has a full-bodied flavor with a visually appealing golden brown color. Formed into a 2 1/2" circle, this bacon is the perfect fit for adding to comforting eggs benedict on your restaurant menu or displaying in a chafer at your hotel or cafeteria breakfast buffet for customers to build their own breakfast sandwich. Customers will love that this bacon can be neatly tucked into their favorite handheld items for a cleaner, more convenient way to enjoy bacon on the go.This bacon keeps patrons coming back for more since it is perfectly crisp for a satisfying bite throughout and provides a consistent 0.2 oz. size for portion control. Conveniently fully cooked, this bacon is prepared by simply reheating it and serving, reducing the time it takes to craft delicious bacon in your busy foodservice establishment. Plus, the round shape allows you to lay it onto burger buns, English muffins, donuts, and sandwich rolls to concoct one-of a-kind eats that feature smoky, salty bacon in every bite, without the hassle of bacon strips hanging out. For best results, keep refrigerated until ready to heat in your oven or microwave.For over half a century, Smithfield has taken pride in delivering high quality meats with great flavor to their customers! Born as the Smithfield Packing Company in 1946, Smithfield Foods has grown to encompass a wide variety of products and brands while maintaining a commitment to their hometown values. Bringing delicious, wholesome food to your tables while treating the people, animals, and communities who support their mission with respect and responsibility is the Smithfield promise! 041b061a72


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