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Where To Buy Candle Lanterns

Committed to Quality, our Aluminum Candle Lanterns have been made since the 1970's. Why? Because they work... This proven design has been on more adventures than we can count and is still going strong. We're proud to be the go to candle lantern for emergencies, preppers, campers, backpackers and anyone who appreciates the warming glow of a candle in the outdoors.

where to buy candle lanterns

This glass candle holder makes a statement and adds coastal flair to your coffee table or bathroom. This piece brings a beachy, boho vibe to any space. Textured bubbles cover the glass surface, and jute rope in a diamond-weave netting snuggly holds the jar. Its cylinder glass base is 7" in diameter with a narrow opening at the top, so it's great for holding candles up to 3" wide. We love that there's a rope handle attached, so you can also use this jar to hang a small potted plant, keeping it safe from kids and pets. Use indoors only.

This square glass hurricane is one of our popular styles, featuring black-colored iron frames and clear glass panels. This is a perfect home decor lantern whether you are creating a beautiful tablescape centerpiece or looking for rustic décor for a special event. Light up the aisle or runway at your wedding for a breathtaking entrance. Light up your back porch/patio or add the perfect touch of low light to your living room. The chic color and shape of the black candle lanterns add stylish detail to any space. You can showcase these modern lanterns on their own as alternative centerpieces or position them among flower arrangements on your tables. Perhaps you can choose to line your wedding entrance with our glowing outdoor candles and lanterns. Sold individually and is available in 3 sizes. Small measures 15" Tall & 5" Diameter, Medium measures 20" Tall & 6.75" Diameter, and Large measures 25" Tall & 9.5" Diameter. When seeking products made with love that give your home or office a touch of warmth in a simple package, Serene Spaces Living is a perfect choice.

Give your space a radiant illumination with these beautifully crafted candle holders. Made with a sturdy base, it is perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere at your table top or mantel. Made with a sturdy structure, it is perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere at your table top or mantel. Each metal and marble candle holder accommodates 1 pillar candle. This item ships in 1 carton. Suitable for indoor use only. Marble is a product of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. It is prone to variations in color and/or patterns in the material that add to the beauty and charm of the piece.. Made in India. This set includes 2 candle holder. Contemporary design.

The life-size vintage candle lanterns, with glass panes, special tops, and black metal material, create an aura of elegance. They add a gorgeous touch to any space with a graceful marriage of beauty and practicality.

This 2-piece set of lanterns brings vintage-inspired style to your living room, bedroom, or entryway. Each lantern features a frame made of fir wood in a distressed black finish, with diamond-shaped muntins on all four sides. A metal top, handle and latch offer distinctive contrast. Whether you display these lanterns separately or together for a fuller effect, they turn on the charm in any rustic, industrial, or farmhouse space.

From filling your spaces with soothing scents to simulating the look of natural light, candles flicker and dance their way into our hearts in any room of the house. Half the beauty of candles rests in how we display them. Take this candle holder set, for instance: Crafted from metal and wood, it showcases a geometric design on its door that protects flickering flames from drafts. Arrives in a set of two.

Add a flickering flame to your patio or bring a gentle glow to your bedside nightstand with this bohemian-inspired lantern. It's crafted from ceramic and boasts a variety of neutral finishes to choose from that best fit your decor. It features all-over cutouts that evoke the feel of Moroccan arrangements and accommodates standard tealights and votive candles (not included). Plus, a handle makes it easy to pick up and carry wherever you please, so you can set the ambiance of any space in a snap.

This lantern is an elegant, understated, and classic piece that will complement a variety of home decor with ease. Standing 16 inches tall, this features a single pillar amber LED candle that offers beautiful, warm, and ambient mood lighting. Lantern features an on/off switch with a six-hour timer. Simply activate timer mode at the desired time and the lantern will stay on for six hours, turn off for 18, and then illuminate again at the same time every day. Includes heavy-duty metal ring for hanging the lantern. Metal construction with real glass. Easy to use indoors or outside

Candle lanterns are enclosed candle holders that may either be freestanding or hanging with the help of a stand or affixed to a structure with a hook. They are available in a wide variety of materials and styles but usually consist of glass panes framed in wood or metal. Candle lanterns are used to add a sense of warmth and style to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Candle lanterns may be added anywhere you would like the additional illumination. Different types of lanterns will emit a different amount of light. If you want more light, choose a lantern with clear glass panes and minimal framework. A battery-operated candle is a good choice if you wish to control the brightness. You can achieve a more romantic or rustic lighting scheme with a lantern that has panes of frosted or bubble glass or even a lantern with no glass at all.

When considering outdoor candle use, it is necessary to take into account the weather and the setting. Dry weather is preferred as excessive moisture could rust hinges or cause wooden framing to warp. If the ground is at all damp and you wish to set a lantern at foot level, put down stepping stones, pavers, or any other appropriate barrier between the ground and the lantern to prevent it from getting wet. You may set lanterns out to mark walking paths or to create a sense of intrigue among ground-level plants and shrubberies. Lanterns hung from tree branches create an enchanting and rustic effect as well. If you wish to hang lanterns outside without the use of a tree or bush, you can buy hooks that are staked in the ground. Candle lanterns placed outdoors next to doorsteps are rustic and welcoming.

Moroccan lanterns have a distinct look and can be incorporated into many styles of decor. They are usually statement pieces as they are elaborate and eye-catching. They emit less light and create a dramatic and moody lighting effect. Some Moroccan-style lanterns feature geometrical elements to the framework like hexagonal or three-dimensional star patterns. Panes may be glass but are often made of metal with several small perforations.

Beyond their charming good looks, candle lanterns are also a fabulously functional element of home decor. Easily carried from room to room, or inside to outside, they offer flexibility that works with your busy lifestyle.

Keep mosquitoes at bay. Relaxing nights laughing and lounging on the patio are where the best summer memories are made, but mosquitoes can add some unwanted swatting and scratching to the evening. Surround your space with beautiful outdoor lanterns outfitted with citronella candles to help detract mosquitoes.

Looking for a soft, cozy or romantic glow? Consider metal candle lanterns designed for tea lights for just the right level of brightness. Need to shed a bit more light on the occasion? Our larger lanterns for block candles and pillar candles offer more light and a longer-lasting burn, making them ideal for parties, walkways and gardens.

Give your candles a functional and fashionable place to live with modern candle holders of several varieties. Pillar candle holders, for example, come in different materials to suit the style of your room. Metal ones situated near clay vases give an eclectic touch to the space, while glass pillar candle holders paired with glass vases provide a sleek and modern vibe. Want to bring a timeless charm to the home? Brass taper candle holders and candlesticks elevate whatever table, sideboard or shelf they're placed on. Metal hurricane candle holders, meanwhile, create a bold contrast with the candles themselves. If there's a specific type of candlestick that captures your aesthetic, such as wide pillars, thin tapers or small tealights, be sure to opt for candle holders in that shape. If you like to light several of them side-by-side, candle tray holders provide the surface area to do so. Place one on a side table, wall shelf or window sill to cast a warm glow on the room. Or, place a candle holder centerpiece in the middle of the dining table to enhance the mealtime mood. Tabletop candle holders serve as eye-catching accent pieces even when no candles are lit. Try creating a focal point with candle lanterns to bring the charm of your outdoor decor inside as well. Want to really give the dining room a cozy feeling? Complement the table candle holder with seasonal white vases placed near the doorway. Fill the candle holder itself with Christmas candles that have fresh and wintery scents and style your entryway table with festive ceramic vases. Then, add some additional brightness by scattering battery powered candles throughout the room as well. Or, create a welcoming entrance to the home by using earthenware vases to house faux botanicals and scented candles near your front porch.

Add warm light to any space with handmade candle holders from SERRV. Made from a variety of materials, these decorative lanterns perfect for indoors and out are the perfect way to bring a romantic glow to your patio, table, or any other space when paired with a natural soy candle. Shop our collection of tall lanterns, tealight lanterns, and candle holders, and illuminate your space today. 041b061a72


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