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Buy Here Pay Here Flint Mi

Looking to refinance a car in Flint? Typically, you'll have to wait at least a year or two to qualify for refinancing. This is because refinancing is usually only available for people with good credit, and when you've had to take out a bad credit car loan, it'll take time for you to build up your credit. When you're ready to refinance in Flint, there are a few things to make sure of before you get started.

buy here pay here flint mi

Sometimes, it's best to try and refinance with your current lender, but if that's not an option, there are usually lenders in and around Flint or online that can help. Here at Drivers Lane, we don't deal directly with refinancing, but we can point you toward dealers that may have even better options when you chose to trade in your vehicle rather than refinance. To get connected to a local dealer who has the lending resources you need, just click here to fill out our easy auto loan request form.

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"Even with a proven track record of providing perfectly good water for Flint, there still remains lingering uncertainty about the quality of the water. In an effort to dispel myths and promote the truth about the Flint River and its viability as a residential water resource, there have been numerous studies and tests conducted on its water by several independent organizations. ... Michael Prysby of the Michigan DEQ Office of Drinking Water verified that 'the quality of the water being put out meets all of our drinking water standards and Flint water is safe to drink.'

He adds that he hasn't seen the memo, but that preliminary tests show the Walters test was an "outlier." Wurfel tells Michigan Radio, "It does not look like there is any broad problem with the water supply freeing up lead as it goes to homes."

In an email to a Detroit News reporter, MDEQ Director Dan Wyant discusses why there were no corrosion controls in place when the city started using Flint River water. He seems to chalk up the lack of corrosion controls to a misunderstanding:

That's partially because residents have been using very little of the tainted water. As the Two-Way has reported, "in an unfortunate cycle, the water additives that would 're-scale' corroded pipes in the water system, thereby preventing lead from leaching into the water, are not reaching the pipes because people in Flint don't want to pay for contaminated water that they can't use."

Our financing program has several industry-leading features that make it easier for consumers with poor credit to buy the car they need. For starters, our flexible leasing payment program lets us offer you a high-quality car for an affordable down payment. You can lease your car with the goal to purchase or lease to trade in. Also, unlike conventional leases, there are no mileage restrictions or other limitations.

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The outcry makes it easy to think that what happened in Flint is unprecedented, or that its children are unusually affected by high levels of lead. The truth is lead poisoning is still too common among poor American children, and that Flint is far from the first city where lead in the water supply has affected public health.

Residents with young children are drinking and preparing food with bottled water because the city cannot guarantee that its tap water, even when filtered, is safe. Meanwhile, Flint residents are still getting some of the highest water bills in Michigan. And although the city wants to replace its lead pipes, it's not clear where the estimated $55 million to replace them will come from.

Emergency managers, unelected officials appointed to oversee the city's finances, made the decision to begin drawing water from the Flint River. The decision was made for budgetary reasons. And it turned out to be a disaster for Flint, which is 57 percent black and where 42 percent of the population is living in poverty.

Michigan's law, which Snyder pushed to expand, was controversial before the Flint crisis because it gives broad powers to one person, because it places the financial health of a city above nearly all other priorities, and because it was applied mostly in cities where a large share of the population is African American.

One estimate found that every dollar spent on reducing kids' lead exposure would lead to a return of $17 to $221 later in life, due to higher earnings and therefore more tax revenue as well as lower spending on incarceration and special education.

That's partly because replacing them would be very expensive. Just in Flint, with about 20,000 lead service lines, replacing lead pipes will cost about $55 million, the city's mayor said Tuesday. Nationwide, the EPA estimates there are 7.3 million lead service lines.

The difference in Flint is that the spike in lead poisoning came from one clearly identifiable cause that could have been avoided. In most cities, kids' lead poisoning is caused by lead paint in older buildings and in the soil, where it's the result of years of cars running on leaded gasoline emitting lead into the atmosphere. While studies have been scarce, the data suggest most major cities could have unsafe levels of lead in the soil.

The people affected by the water crisis in Flint are disproportionately poor and African-American. Flint is a majority-black city, where 40 percent of residents are living in poverty; in its two zip codes where children's blood tests revealed high levels of lead, 60 percent of residents are black.

Flint isn't the only American city where kids have lead in their blood. It's far from the first American city to have a lead-in-water crisis. But it's the first to get months of sustained attention from Congress, celebrities, and presidential candidates.

And the governor of that state acted as though he didn't really care. He had requests for help that he basically stonewalled. I'll tell you what: If the kids in a rich suburb of Detroit had been drinking contaminated water and being bathed in it, there would've been action.

Understandably, many Flint residents are desperate to leave. There's no truth to rumors that they can't legally sell their homes. The problem is that no one wants to buy, and the costs of relocation are too great for many in the high-poverty city to bear.

Next month, the city hopes to begin a $55 million plan to replace lead service lines with copper lines, starting with the highest-risk households. The goal is to complete the project within a year. But it's not yet clear where the money will come from. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver asked Congress for federal funding last week.

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