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Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro V5.1 (Paid Version) [Latest] Fixed

Hi,Thank you for the advice. I went through the 8266 / BME280 / Thingspeak weather station and it drains a lot of battery, even with longer intervals. So I tried to insert the deep sleep command at the end in the sketch, moving the void loop after it, and removing the original delay time. I only works for one or two times and and then stop. Am I doing anything wrong?

Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v5.1 (Paid Version) [Latest]

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Something I have not seen mention in any test, is it cannot be used for pool swimming. It simply cannot count and even worse it cannot display or save the results. It has been a problem since release and has not been fixed yet. It is strange as it is not a problem for Fenix 7 which should be the same?? also it is ustable and reboots, and can have diffucult with sleep data and therefore body battery numbers. when moved from a perfect Fenix 6 this feels like a beta software. Beta 8.18 which a Release candidate for the next version has still all these problems. Garmin have tried for almost 3 month to fix it and has not done it yet. I will be happy if some one have any news when this will be fixed. 076b4e4f54


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