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Buy Lightweight Wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs are different from standard wheelchairs in that the wheels are smaller and the body is more narrow to make them easier to push and maneuver. Transport chairs cannot be manually propelled, which means that the wheelchair user cannot operate this chair unassisted. For more information on Transport Wheelchairs, visit our Transport Wheelchair Buyers Guide.Transport WheelchairStandard WheelchairStandard wheelchairA standard wheelchair (or manual wheelchair) is a mobility chair with large rear wheels and smaller front wheels that are designed to be pushed by a caregiver or manually propelled by the wheelchair user. This design allows the user to reach the rear wheels and push themselves while seated. Standard wheelchairs are collapsible, transportable, and easy to use by both a wheelchair user or a caregiver.

buy lightweight wheelchair

If you are unable to walk unassisted and can only take a few steps before needing to rest, you may benefit from a wheelchair. You may also need a wheelchair if you find it difficult to walk long distances even with assistance (i.e. from a friend or family member, or another assistive device like a cane).

If you struggle to walk on your own and feel you may benefit from a wheelchair, you should first discuss your mobility limitations with your doctor. At the appointment, your doctor will evaluate your needs and may prescribe you with a wheelchair.

To get a wheelchair for free, you will need a prescription to verify your medical necessity. If you have a prescription, you can then work with your insurance provider and a mobility equipment provider to find the appropriate wheelchair that is fully covered by your insurance plan.

A brand new, fully charged power wheelchair battery can last upwards of 8 hours on a single charge and cover around 10 to 20 miles of distance. Overall battery health declines as the battery is used, both in the length of time it will last and the range it covers.

Power wheelchair batteries should be replaced every one and a half to two years to ensure you have the proper power for your daily use. Depending on your usage, a power wheelchair battery can last from 6 months to 2 years before requiring a replacement.

For more information on power wheelchair batteries, please see our blog post on how long a wheelchair battery lasts.Power WheelchairPower Wheelchair BatteryHow much does it cost to buy a wheelchair?Wheelchairs have several costs to consider, including the upfront cost to buy the equipment, as well as the costs for maintenance, upkeep, accessories, and modifications.

The base price of a wheelchair depends on the make, model, and style, with manual wheelchairs costing less on average than power wheelchairs. Heavy duty wheelchairs also have a slightly higher average price point.

Wheelchairs can be purchased or rented depending on your needs and the availability of specific models. It can often be more cost effective to rent a wheelchair near you to get a feel for the style, model, and functionality before making a large purchase.

When purchasing a wheelchair through Scootaround, most wheelchairs are shipped between 5 and 7 business days after you complete your purchase.How do I go about getting a wheelchair?There are two main ways to go about getting a wheelchair. The first is by visiting your doctor to be evaluated for a wheelchair. This will verify that your mobility limitations require a wheelchair and your doctor may provide you with a prescription, which allows your insurance to cover some of the costs. You may also need a certificate of necessity to go this route. Once you have these two things, you will need to work with a local or online retail supplier to purchase the device.

The second way to get a wheelchair is to visit a local retail supplier or an online store, such as Scootaround. This will provide you with the biggest selection of wheelchairs and will let you shop at your own pace to find something that suits your needs.

Choosing a proper size for your wheelchair depends greatly upon the width of the seat you will require. The seat of the wheelchair dictates the layout, wheel size, and other secondary features of the device. Seat widths typically range from 16 to 20 inches, with an average width of about 18 inches.

The best wheelchair for seniors is one that is lightweight, user-friendly, and easy to fold and transport. Wheelchairs that meet these requirements allow senior wheelchair users to maintain their independence and increase their mobility without requiring the assistance of others.

One of the best examples of a wheelchair for seniors is the Poly Fly Lightweight Transport Chair by Drive Medical. This combo wheelchair acts as both a standard wheelchair and a transport chair, providing fantastic flexibility in a variety of driving scenarios. It provides a smooth ride, is highly transportable, and is easy to maintain and keep clean. The swing away footrests also make it easy to transfer in and out of the chair.

The following are some of the lightest wheelchair options Scootaround currently has in our store. All of these chairs are 55 pounds or less and have many of the benefits wheelchair users look for in a lightweight chair.

Seat height indicates how high the seat is off the ground. Most wheelchairs have an average seat height of 20 to 21 inches, which is appropriate for users that are 5 feet tall or above. If the user is shorter than 5 feet, transferring may be more difficult, as the wheelchair may be too high.

The Journey Zinger power chair gives you back your mobility...and gives you the freedom to move around your home, your neighborhood, indoors and out. Easy to use, portable and lightweight, so you can get out and enjoy! Because enjoying life never gets old.

Patient Handling can assist if you are looking for a manual wheelchair, whether it be a self-propelled wheelchair or an attendant propelled wheelchair. We stock a large range lightweight wheelchairs to suit your needs.View other products in this category here: Kids Wheelchairs, Comfort Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are wheelchairs that tend to weigh less because they are constructed from aluminium instead of the heavier, sturdier, more durable steel. Since most lightweight wheelchairs are also folding wheelchairs, they are not as substantial as traditional wheelchairs.

A lightweight wheelchair is generally made of steel or aluminum. Due to this composition, these chairs tend to weigh between 8 to 9 kg. Of course, the weight can vary (more or less) if the wheelchair has other accessories or is made from different material.

From mobility devices that help increase independence to the lightweight manual wheelchair, users can participate in activities to their fullest capacity. Given the name, you may wonder how much a lightweight wheelchair weighs and how it compares to a regular wheelchair. The typical manual lightweight wheelchair can weigh anywhere between 11 to 18 kgs, while an ultra-lightweight wheelchair might weigh only 7 to 8 kgs. Traditional manual wheelchairs can weigh up to 27kgs, while power wheelchairs can weigh between 22 to 100+ kgs! Lightweight wheelchairs tend to weigh less because they are constructed from aluminium instead of the heavier, sturdier, more durable steel. Since most lightweight wheelchairs are also folding wheelchairs, they are not as substantial as traditional wheelchairs. This makes them less costly and depends on the material used to make the lightweight foldable wheelchair prices can range anywhere from $150 to $3500.

Our range of lightweight wheelchairs in Australia cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500. The Karma brand of wheelchair is a great mid-range option that provides durability, comfortability, and convenience.

The material used for the frame of the wheelchair has the most significant impact on its overall weight. Although steel might be a relatively sturdy metal, it is also a heavy one. Lightweight wheelchairs tend to have an aluminium frame. Aluminium is a softer metal than steel, meaning the maximum weight capacity will be lower and therefore not suitable to a heavier user.

With so many options available, you're sure to have a lot of questions about finding the right lightweight portable wheelchair for yourself or your loved one. Here, we offer a comprehensive guide that is sure to answer any questions you may have.

A lightweight portable wheelchair is a less-bulky alternative to a traditional wheelchair. It's often made from lighter material, which makes it easier to maneuver than a typical wheelchair. This makes travel and storage much more manageable.

For people who are unable to walk for long amounts of time, a transport wheelchair makes it possible to go on longer excursions without risk of a fall or injury. It can be especially helpful for elderly people.

Luckily, technology makes it possible to customize a wheelchair especially for you. Depending on what you want or need out of your wheelchair, here are some aspects to consider before making your purchase.

As mentioned before, standard wheelchairs are made out of heavy steel. Aluminum is the most common material for a lightweight portable wheelchair. It's also the most affordable choice, though it is more prone to structural damage over time.

Titanium provides a smooth ride thanks to its ability to reduce vibrations. It is also much stronger than aluminum and does not corrode as easily. Titanium wheelchairs are known to last, even with extensive use.

Oftentimes they're foldable, too, which makes storage a breeze. The less time you have to worry about storing your wheelchair on a plane, bus, or car, the more time you have to experience life. Plus, the sleek design of lightweight wheelchairs enables users to get themselves closer to the car while entering or exiting whether or not you're using a transfer seat.

If you still have questions about lightweight portable wheelchairs and their accessories, please check out our blog. There, you will also find resources for everything from veteran support to community stories. 041b061a72


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