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With "hot" handloads and a rifle capable of handling them, the .30-06 is capable of performance rivaling many magnum cartridges. However, when loaded more closely to the original government specs, .30-06 remains within the upper limit of felt recoil most shooters consider tolerable over multiple rounds, unlike the magnums, and is not unnecessarily destructive of meat on game such as deer. With appropriate loads, it is suitable for any small or large heavy game found in North America. The .30-06's power and versatility (combined with the availability of surplus firearms chambered for it and demand for commercial ammunition) have kept the round as one of the most popular for hunting in North America.[citation needed]

Download http magnum ott (1) txt

At physical examination (9 years), weight was 26 kg (50th centile), height 123 cm (10th -25th centile), head circumference 55 cm (>50th centile). In addition epichantal folds, joint hyperlaxity and three abdominal cafè-au-lait spots were noticed. Ophthalmologic evaluation showed divergent strabismus at the right eye, myopia and retinal spots without clinical significance. Cerebral MRI identified mild ectopia of cerebellar tonsilla at the foramen magnum. Abdominal ultrasound examination, cardiological examination and auditory evoked potentials were normal. Electroencephalogram showed aspecific anomalies. At the age of nine years a second episode similar to the precedent (characterized by tonic-clonic seizure at right hemi-body at dropping off to sleep) occurred causing a post-ictal paresis at right hemi-body during 10 minutes. The EEG showed centrotemporal spikes in the left hemisphere, activated by sleep and a treatment with OXC was started. 041b061a72


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