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And though transistor amps were starting to take over at the time, Cliff was insistent on making the best possible valve amp of the time. With the orange material used to cover the amps they became instantly recognisable and became an overnight success when the likes of Peter Green combined his Les Paul with the juicy goodness of an Orange amp. These were some of the most remarkable guitar sounds of the late sixties.

buy orange amps


The top-of-the-range Orange amps are hand-made in England. A lot of the range is manufactured in an Orange-owned factory in China to extremely high standards. Some Orange cabs are constructed in the USA.

When originally launched, the Rockerverb series became one of Oragne's most popular dual-channel analog amps around. Fast-forward to 2023, and the use of new technology and design tweaks has seen the Rockerverb 50 combo placed on a crash diet, losing nearly 8 kg.

Orange amps sound more fuzzy when distorted compared to Marshall amps which sound more saturated and crunchy. Marshall amps are considered more versatile whereas Orange amps more suitable for heavier genres of music like metal. Marshall also has a larger range of amplifiers.

Both Orange and Marshall amps are capable of playing a wide range of music styles. However, Marshall amps often have a crunchier tone, making them most suitable for rock and roll, whilst Orange amps sound more fuzzy and boomy, making them great for heavy metal.

As a general rule, Marshall amps have more built-in controls than Orange amps. Marshall amps often have more EQ controls, allowing you to adjust the shape and balance more freely, whilst Orange amps usually keep things quite simple and straightforward.

With 20 solid-state watts, the Mini Terror will easily beat much stronger amps in a contest of loudness. Its clean tones are much better and pristine, while it packs quite a punch in the heavy department as well.

Bottom Line Up Front: Orange has provided a vast range of fantastic amps in different shapes and sizes for its Orange Crush series, with options such as the Orange Crush 12 and 35RT being fantastic for beginners on a budget and with volume limitations.

Orange Crush amps are the smallest in the ranges that Orange provides, and this makes them extremely easy to transport. They have handles to make this even easier, and moving them around is a one-person job.

As I mentioned earlier, people often associate guitar tone with having enormous and expensive guitar amps, and in the past, this may have been the case. However, Orange has done a fantastic job at ensuring that all of its amplifier ranges have excellent tonal profiles. 041b061a72


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