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Become a Professional Trucker in Truck Simulator Europe

Are you fond of playing simulation games? Are you dreaming of going on a long ride driving trucks and trailers? Then, Truckers of Europe 2 is the right free-to-play pc game for you! In this game, you will not only have the chance to drive heavy trucks on boundless roads, but you will also get the opportunity to explore various cities in Europe as well.

Upon downloading this truck driving simulator, you will become a real truck driver whose job is to cross wide national highways. You have to control an expensive drag trailer while enjoying the view of Europe. Aside from testing your driving skills, you will also learn about the scenery and culture of famous places in Europe.

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As one of the famous truck simulator games from Wanda Software, Truckers of Europe 2 will enable you to enhance your truck driving experience. Also, you are expected to master the most updated truck control mechanism at realistic speeds. In this PC game, you need to organize the accelerators, gearboxes, and other things completely to successfully drive a truck.

Most importantly, you must check your health and the amount of gasoline your truck has. Like a typical driver, your character must be able to sleep, eat, and be entertained. Apart from mastering how to drive trucks, you must also know how to repair trucks regularly as well.

Moreover, Truckers of Europe 2 is not solely about driving and decorating trucks. This truck driving simulator enables every player to manifest various contract systems to get income. Most of the time, contracts include transporting goods in a particular city or place. Hence, these contracts will be automatically modified as you change your location.

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Once you get a contract, it is necessary to be careful about the proper position of your truck. It would help if you took the most critical level of care within a limited time frame in transporting goods. The distance and value of freight will tell you how much your income will be. The farther the distance and the more valuable the goods are, the more money you will earn.

It can be confidently said that the Truck Simulator: Europe system catches up with the most modern standards in the world. There are all kinds of roads you need to drive to prove your skills. Rural, national highways, and highways are the main types players need to cross. The player can start with the basic game modes to get used to driving the truck. Gain further experience in handling cargo car models. You will have many valuable lessons from playing this game. Moreover, the investment in realistic graphics is a huge plus of Truck Simulator: Europe.

You can customize the truck models as you like. Replacing or buying a new car costs money. Making money in this game is not easy, spend it save. However, you also have another option that is to use the mod Truck Simulator: Europe. Feel free to change accessories for the truck and decorate it based on the idea you want.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe comes packed with various camera options that can give driving enthusiasts a good feel of driving from within the cockpit as well as other perspectives. Beyond realistic traffic rules and toll fees, varying weather conditions also provide extra challenges to driving from point A to point B. As an added incentive to truck lovers, there are various customization options available for each truck from paint jobs and accessories down to the tires.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is designed to give you as much of an immersive experience as possible in a mobile game. To give you a good feel of what it is really like to operate a truck, there will be plenty of buttons and icons that litter your screen for you to click on, each with its own unique function. Before you head on out in pursuit of completing your first delivery, be sure to acquaint yourself with each one of them.

All trucks in Truck Simulator 2018: Europe have automatic transmission and you need to swipe it upwards or downwards to shift between drive or moving forward, park or neutral, and reverse to move backwards. It is actually easy but for beginners, you may encounter some mishaps occasionally if you do not focus on it much.

Once the engine is turned on, you will see a speedometer icon below the gear stick. Tapping on it show up a cruise control. This feature will enable your truck to move at a constant speed without you having to step on the accelerator. It comes in very handy on the road especially since the shortest distances you need to travel for the job are still pretty lengthy. You can set the speed you want with the arrows and once you tap on the on/off button, your truck will start to move.

The cruise control will still be affected by your brakes and the hand brake but once you stop pressing on either brakes, your truck will continue to move unless you turn cruise control off again. The hand brake is below the cruise control button, and the short pedal is your normal brakes.

One of the other things to take note of is that Truck Simulator 2018: Europe does not provide you with a training session to get more accustomed to driving your first truck. Once you have chosen a job to take, you will start at the garage where you will pick up the trailer. There is a green arrow indicating where you need to park and the trailer will automatically attach itself to the truck once you are in a good enough position. Once the trailer is attached, the countdown timer starts running, so you will need to proceed to your destination as soon as you can to earn the most out of the contract.

It can happen that the first delivery job will be the most challenging one especially if you have not fully mastered controlling your truck yet. If you have experienced some difficulty backing up to where the trailer to pick up is in an open garage, then chances are that you will even have a harder time on the road.

To have a much better performance on the road, therefore, take a bit of time to accustom yourself to the controls, specifically, the steering and acceleration of your truck. It will naturally be a lot more challenging with a trailer to drag later on but at the very least, you can improve your grasp of the speed and maneuverability of your truck as well and improve your turns and breaks on the road.

Another unique feature of Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is that you can already choose from a wide plethora of jobs to take on day 1. There are no expertise restrictions of any sort although some require you to watch a few ads to unlock as well as higher truck classes. This may have a positive impact for more experienced driving sim enthusiasts but for beginners, the best route to take is still going through it starting with the easiest.

For starters, limiting yourself to a certain speed especially as you are still familiarizing yourself with your current truck is a must. Although your first truck is supposedly the slowest of the bunch, its top speed can still be a lot to handle especially for the uninitiated. It is viable to take it a step at a time when trying to speed up your delivery time but never at the cost of breaking traffic laws and causing collisions.

Keep in mind that even at your best run on the initial jobs you will take, it is still going to be a challenge to make it in time. Your first truck is naturally the most basic type and has very limited fuel capacity, which means that you will have to stop over for refueling more often. While you can have as much practice within the open garage before hooking to the trailer, it will still be a very different world as soon as you reach the highways.

Taking as much time as you need mostly relates to driving defensively as you need to be extra careful not just with the cargo you need to deliver but your truck as well. There are numerous unpredictable elements you will encounter on the road and until you are familiar enough on how to handle them, you should not travel at a faster speed. Beyond all fortuitous events that may transpire, Truck Simulator 2018: Europe provides for a more realistic touch with numerous scenarios that require you to make a stop.

What is crucial, however, is the tight spot within which you must completely stop your truck for the checkpoint. If you move past the mark even for just a teeny bit, you will be instantly charged $500. The supposed police inspection does not even take a minute and you will simply need to make a full stop at the checkpoint.

Considering all these necessary stops along with some random factors that should inhibit your urge to run at top speed, you will experience a lot of pay deductions early on as adhering to these guidelines will certainly cause a delay in delivery. Once you have racked up enough cash to purchase better trucks, however, acceleration and gas tank capacity will improve, allowing you to travel faster and stop for gas less often.

Picking up the cargo can be a challenge for total beginners but after spending some time in an open garage, anyone can get used to it in no time. It is actually easy to back your truck up to the parked trailer and initiating the job is often as simple as that. What is more challenging comes at the rear end of the job as you finally arrive at the delivery destination. Fortunately, there are 3 options to choose from as you finally make a delivery.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will still get paid for doing the actual delivery. The delivery options at the destination, however, offer opportunities for you to earn extra cash. The first option is a full delivery service where you will have to park your truck backwards within the specified delivery stop.

Late charges are just a few dollars every minute though, but the extra cash you can receive for an accomplished full delivery service can match the job pay on its own. As such, it is not an opportunity that should be allowed to pass, especially if you have the luxury of time to spend on the game and eager to master the art of truck driving.

As a tip to make parking in reverse easier with the trailer attached, set your goal to have the truck perfectly aligned to the small parking spot provided. Do not mind the trailer at first and just picture backing up your truck to the spot on its own. Maximize the use of the space in front of the parking spot as you may have to move forward and backwards a couple of times. Switch your camera to the top view as it will be easier to check for the alignment of the truck, the trailer, and the parking spot from this perspective. As you back up and the trailer continues to swerve in any direction, move forward and swerve a bit opposite the direction of where the trailer is swerving to.


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