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Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Software Update ((BETTER))

Picked car up at 5pm and this is the report: Investigate customer complaint of the gearbox in auto mode is very jerky and judders, mostly from cold but has been known to do it at other times, the customer believes that the clutch can be recalibrated also there may be an outstanding software update available Work carried out: Updated software for the clutchgearbox reprogrammed gearbox grid clutch biting point, tested all OK, customer to monitor.

citroen c4 grand picasso software update


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After some investigation I found that it only shows thumbnails for mp3 files where the image is embedded within the MP3 Tags. The next challenge was to find a way to easily update the MP3 tags across thousands of MP3 files without having to manually edit each one. I found two programs, which are both open source and are available for Linux (as well as other operating systems such as Windows). I tested this on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and can be found in the Ubuntu software store.

Ik heb eerst de firmware update via gedownload. Nu dus uitgepakt met WinRar in plaats van Winzip en op de USB stick gezet. Deze in de auto ingeplugd en na een halve minuut kreeg ik op het scherm een melding of ik wilde updaten.De update moest met de motor aan en duurde ongeveer een half uur. 350c69d7ab


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