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Mbox 2 Pro Firewire Driver Download

hi look i have a mbox 3 mini usb port and protools le 8 its need to be upgrade and the same with your interface sound card to put the drivers to run if that dosent work is ur computer processor that dosent let u keep going like ur cpu is not compatible with protools men i found out cuz i got another pc same win 7 but diffrent processor and better and it worked

mbox 2 pro firewire driver download

Hi everyone, I have had the same problem with the mbox mini gen 3. I went to the control panel and pulled up the graphic of the mbox mini. It said the hardware was connected (bottom left). There are a couple of buttons (for lack of a better word) just above where it said it is not streaming (bottom right), first was manual, then updates. To get down to it, i went to updates. I updated with the v.1.0.8 because I am using a pc. ( There is also mac updates). I downloaded, then before I installed the new drivers i unistalled the old drivers I had on there ( took a couple of minutes to uninstall, and reinstall). Then installed the v.1.0.8.(new drivers) so far that seems to be working for me. I have turned off and on the computer a few times, unplugged, plugged in to the computer, guitar, mic, used some different instruments. So far so good. So I hope this helps everyone. Good Luck TO All.

Im having the same error message. Im on vista with pt8 and a mbox 2 mini, I have tried pretty much everything. The only thing that I cannot do is in device manager change the usb audio device into the digidesign audio driver, i have the midi one but cannot install the second for some reason. Not sure if that is the exact problem for the error message but i would be grateful for any help on this.

I have a lot of experience with computers, and am completely stumped with this. I have changed ports for my firewire card, uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers, rolled back on the system restore, taken my audio card, and wireless card out.

I would uninstall everything, Install Pro Tools 8 (without the mbox plugged in), update to the latest version out right now (this will have the latest drivers), then try plugging in the mbox & see what happens.

i am running windows 7 enterpise ram 2gb 32bit acers570z i keep getting the unable to locate hardware message. my interfaces never powers on (mbox 2 mini) i manually installed the driver it said it was successful but i went into the device manager under the sound/video and there still wasnt any new device. pro tools

My drivers are up to date for my mbox 3 mini and protools 8 le is installed properly. sometimes it locates the hardware especially after re installation of software but wont locate it most times. what could be the problem?


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