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Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle Vst Dx Rtas V3.0.0 Incl Keygen

Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle Review

If you are looking for a collection of high-quality audio plugins that can handle a variety of tasks, from compression and equalization to mastering and stereo imaging, you might want to check out the Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle. This bundle contains all the plugins that Sonalksis has to offer, including the award-winning SV range of analog-modelled processors, the CQ1 and DQ1 dynamic EQs, the TBK filters, and the MultiLimit and MaxLimit mastering limiters. In this article, we will take a closer look at each plugin and see what they can do for your sound.

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The SV Range

The SV range consists of three plugins: the SV-315Mk2 Compressor, the SV-517Mk2 Equaliser, and the SV-719 Analogue Gate. These plugins are designed to emulate the sound and behavior of classic analog circuits, using proprietary Sonalksis state-space technology. They offer a variety of filter styles and modes, as well as advanced features such as side-chain filtering, parallel compression, mid-side processing, and external key input. Whether you need to smooth a vocal, crush some drums, or add some warmth and character to a mix, the SV range can deliver with superior quality and flexibility.

The CQ1 and DQ1

The CQ1 and DQ1 are dynamic equalizers that allow you to adjust the frequency response of your audio in real time, depending on the signal level. The CQ1 is a multi-band compander that can compress or expand up to four bands independently, while the DQ1 is a single-band dynamic EQ that can boost or cut any frequency with variable Q and gain. These plugins are ideal for tasks such as de-essing, de-popping, de-humming, frequency-specific ducking, or enhancing specific elements in a mix.

The TBK Filters

The TBK range consists of two plugins: the TBK1 Adaptive Resonance Filter and the TBK2 The Ultimate Grime. The TBK1 is a self-oscillating filter that can track the pitch of your audio and create resonant effects such as wah-wah, phaser, flanger, or vowel sounds. The TBK2 is a distortion unit that can add harmonic saturation, bit-crushing, noise, or ring modulation to your audio. These plugins are great for adding some movement, color, or grit to your sound.

The Mastering Limiters

The Mastering Limiters are two plugins that can help you achieve loudness and clarity in your final mixes. The MultiLimit is a multi-band limiter that can split your audio into up to six bands and apply different limiting settings to each band. This allows you to control the dynamics and spectral balance of your audio more precisely. The MaxLimit is a maximizing limiter that can boost your audio level without introducing distortion or artifacts. It also features a soft-clipper and a dithering option for optimal quality.


The Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle is a comprehensive package of audio plugins that can cover a wide range of applications, from tracking and mixing to mastering and creative effects. The plugins are easy to use and offer high-quality sound and performance. They are compatible with most DAWs and formats (VST, DX, RTAS, AU) on both Windows and Mac platforms. You can buy the bundle for $520 from [Sonalksis website], or download it for free using a keygen from [this link]. However, we strongly recommend that you support the developers and purchase the bundle legally if you like it.


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