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Your pre-CAS statement will confirm the first year programme fees and the course fees paid to date. It is important that you do not pay more than your first year fees. Any overpayments that you make will be returned to the bank account/card from which the payment originated.You do not need to tell us if you have recently made a payment towards your fees that is not reflected in your pre-CAS statement. These payments can take some time to be processed and we are regularly updated when funds are cleared. However, you should not apply for your visa until you have a CAS statement that correctly reflects the fees you have paid.If you have financial support from LSE this information will be added to your CAS, although again you do not need to contact us if this is not on your pre-CAS as this can take time to process.If you have support from outside of LSE, this will not be added to your CAS (unless the money is paid into your fee account). You can provide evidence of such funding in your visa application.Accommodation fees (including deposits) will not be listed on your CAS. If you require an official receipt you can request one from the Accommodation Office by emailing

Casinfo 0.1.5.lzh | added by request



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